What You Need To Know About VIP Gold Visa 18 in Kuwait

VIP Gold Visa 18 in Kuwait

What you need to know about VIP Gold Visa 18 in Kuwait and why you must read this article before you decide to resign and get your release to your current company. Imagine your situation when your chosen new employer can’t able to transfer your visa, you will lose the opportunity to get a higher salary and a better work environment because of this VIP Gold Visa 18 issue.

I understand that landing your first job here in Kuwait from your country of origin means having a very low basic salary from 100kd to 180kd, sometimes working more hours and not getting the right computation, and working in a toxic work environment that is surely exhausting and so on for 3 straight years. That’s why you want to transfer to a new employer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure this is real.

What is VIP Gold Visa 18? it’s a transferrable work visa, yes indeed, but it can only be transferred to the same category of visa category. It was first introduced last 2021 by Kuwait McDonalds to their staff, now most of the big companies such as Dip N Dip, Al Thiqa Company, Americana Company, and even Al Shaya have already converted their company file to this type of visa category. I expect more big companies to convert their file also sooner.

What is the problem with this Visa 18 VIP Gold for local workers? the main issue is that all these big companies who converted their file are not hiring local workers if they do so, their salary offer is too low. You will have no other choice but to return to your current company if you can’t find a new employer who can transfer your visa, or after 3 months, you need to go back home to your country.

Just a piece of advice, you should check first and verify your company visa category to your HR before you decide to resign. I understand you also have your family to support in your country or Kuwait, but most companies don’t think about that. VIP Gold Visa 18 is good for companies but not for local workers.

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