Visa 18 Categories; Why You Can’t Transfer To Another Company in Kuwait

Visa 18 Categories; Why You Can't Transfer To Other Company in Kuwait

Wondering why you can’t transfer to another company because of your visa category? this article will answer all your questions, and you will learn about visa 18 categories here in Kuwait.

Kuwait is one of the best countries in the GCC for workers in terms of salary, but not good for local Expatriates who are transferring to a new employer, especially nowadays. Thru this article, you will get the exact information why you are having a hard time being transferred to your chosen new employer.

Visa 18 is indeed a work visa, no question about that, but here in Kuwait, 90% of all the workers don’t know that Visa 18 has other categories, mostly these first-release workers are unaware of this.

Visa 18 Categories in Kuwait

  • Visa 18 Al Ahli / Hadi/ Normal Transferable (This is the only visa 18 that is considered transferrable to any companies with other visa categories)
  • Visa 18 Small Project / Mubarak Al Kabeer (Another visa category that is one of the hardest to transfer due to few companies with this visa category nowadays. It can only be transferred to the same category “Small Project to Small Project alone)
  • Visa 18 Masna / Factory Visa (There are few numbers of companies with Factory Visa in Kuwait that can able to transfer this Visa 18 category, same rule with Visa 18 Small Project)
  • Visa 18 Government Project Visa (Most companies under the Ministry can transfer this visa category, which can’t be transferred to other establishments such as restaurants/coffee shops and so on. The worker will also pay 300 Kuwaiti dinars for the transfer; this visa category is considered the hardest to transfer compared to other visas 18 categories.)
  • Visa 18 VIP Gold (This visa 18 was first introduced in 2021. It is commonly used by big companies who converted their company visa category to VIP Gold to control their current employees to get jobs from employers with different visa categories. It can only be transferred to the same category of visa.

You should know your Visa 18 Category before getting a release from your current company, or else you will end up in floating status without work. Check your company HR and ask directly about it, and get a copy of your company Etnmatawkiya (Company Signatories) and your Eznamal (Work Permit) for verification.

Sadly, thousands of workers in Kuwait are now without a stable job or work due to these 18 visa categories, which complicates their transfer to their selected new employer. Aside from issues in getting their release after their contract ends from their current main company, this visa 18 problem makes these workers in floating status, jobless.

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